Friday, April 09, 2010

Raindom Paicture Fraiday: Back of the Boat

So, here we go again, right? Do you remember the drill? First I go to Drew's Livejournal Random Picture Generator, then I choose a tasteful picture from among the many taste-free pictures (It's like finding a diamond in the rough, and by that I mean it's a total waste of time), then I put it on this blarg.

VOILA!!!! (or is it "VIOLA?" I'm not all that good at orchestrating clever puns.)

This appears to be the result of some kind of torpedo attack or something. Probably those danged Somali pirates.

Step 3: Put a picture of that darn dog in the random picture

Step 4: ???????

Step 5: PROFIT!

Step 6: Lose all the profit in an acrimonious dispute over arcane accounting rules in an assiduously planned pyramid scheme. (That was for all of you out there that are studying for the SAT!)

Step 7: File a complaint with the SEC about the refereeing at last year's Alabama-Florida game

Step 8: File a complaint with another SEC about the pyramid scheme.

Step 9: ?????

Step 10: PROFIT!

And there you have my foolproof ten-step method for making money.

You're welcome.


Maggie said...

You are the awesomest.

kate said...

Those photos go together rather well! That is one energetic dog.