Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bad Poetry Thursday: Now Sugar Free! Edition

I was going to do some Photoetry, but I'm still learning GIMP 2.6, so I'll give it a couple weeks. So anyway, here is some (imo extremely) Bad Poetry for you!!! HOORAY!

An Anthem

A roll of tape
A roll of twine
Sixteen cases of fine red wine

Some rubber bands
Some handrail screws
I black eye and a rais-ed bruise

Don't buy the hook
Just by the sinker
Pull the line down into the drink(er)

Fire all of your guns at once
Because there is a lady who's sure
That ice is just as great firearms.
But she's wrong, you know.
It won't suffice.
You can say it twice
"It won't suffice,
It won't suffice."
(Unless, of course, it's pykrete ice)

A roll of tape
A bottle of wine
We hope we don't run out of time.